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|| Chasdei Amram in Numbers ||


Chasdei Amram has a staff of 25 people in its offices, whose job is to handle the never-ending stream of calls and requests. They direct each request to the person who can deal with it in the fastest way possible. Chasdei Amram operators are trained to understand that the difference of a few minutes is sometimes worth an entire life.


Chasdei Amram operates 10 vehicles round the clock. The cars travel from house to house, providing the emergency medical services. 


More than 700 oxygen concentrators have been purchased by the organization since its inception, and each week, more are purchased in an effort to save as many people as possible.


Fifteen active Chasdei Amram locations around the country

Tens of Thousands

Tens of thousands of people have recovered completely from coronavirus with the assistance of Chasdei Amram.

Millions of Shekels

Chasdei Amram has purchased, and continues to purchase, equipment worth millions of shekels. That is in addition to the salaries of employees and various other expenses. The budgetary burden that Rabbi Markowitz has to carry disrupts the smooth operation of the lifesaving activities, and slows the pace at which Chasdei Amram can develop and expand, to be able to provide more expansive services to an increasing number of corona patients who need it..

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|| Media Items ||

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|About Chasdey Amram ||

What We Provide

Care. Equipment. Assistance.

Medical Care:
Chasdei Amram works together with experienced doctors and nurses who make frequent home visits to patients and work to achieve as rapid a recovery as possible...


From one patient, tens of thousands

Chasdei Amram was established about a month after corona came to Israel, on Pesach 5780. It began when the family of a patient reached out to Rabbi Markowitz, a medical askan. The patient had contracted coronavirus...

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Chasdei Amram: Saving Tens of Thousands of Lives

The Chasdei Amram chessed organization was established amidst the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic, in an effort to help as many people as possible get through the virus...


Chasdei Amram operates as a country-wide network,

and provides services in the following cities:

Jerusalem | Ashdod | Beitar Illit | Beit Shemesh | Modiin-Brachfeld | Elad | Tzefas | Haifa | Givat Zev | Bnei Brak | Netanya | Rechovot | Ofakim | Monsey, N.Y.

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|| Donate ||

Donation by bank transfe:

IBAN: IL69-0204-0300-0000-0162-526

The account nombe: 403-162526

The account name: CHASDEY AMRAM


For a telephone donation:
For a telephone donation, call: 0799693966

 Please fill in details and we

will get back to you:

|| Contact Us ||

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רפפורט 8 ירושלים
לפרטי מוקדים ויעוץ פנו לטלפון 0733636781



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